•  Ben puts finishing touches on the landscaping at Caspian Garden, 2013
  •  Irrigation system test at Fred Garden, 2013
  •  The full monty, swales irrigation and polyculture at Labyrinth Garden, 2013
  •  Cabbage, Caspian Garden, 2013
  •  Pumpkin, Caspian Garden, 2013
  •  Pumpkin, Caspian Garden, 2013
  •  Pumpkin, Caspian Garden, 2013
  •  Kale budding, Caspian Garden, 2013
  •  Kohlrabi, Caspian Garden, 2013
  •  Kohlrabi, Caspian Garden, 2013

Your Yard

This is probably not where you expected to find the solution to huge and catastrophic global environmental problems. Look no further than the nearest lawn for the answers to these questions:

How can we clean and filter tainted water?

How can we afford healthy food for our families?

And perhaps most importantly, What can we do to build stronger communities?

We can take back our food from profit driven agribusiness while simultaneously saving a bunch of money at the grocery store, and building mutually beneficial connections with our neighbors. Doesn't that sound great?

If you have a lawn, and you'd like to make a change, please let us know. We'd be happy to help turn it into a sustainable, edible polyculture, and we're looking to take on five new plots each year.

We don't grow for profit, and our produce is not for sale. We're not looking for places to grow a cash crop, we're looking for people who want to participate in something that benefits us all.

We don't want to grow it for you. We want to grow it with you

And we'd love it even more if you eat as much as you can, and give some away to neighbors and the people you love.

Rest assured, all the profit you need is in the abundance, good health, and family this creates.

If you don't have a yard, but you'd like to grow your own food locally, don't despair! There is no shortage of land that could use your help restoring the soil ecosystem to a healthy state.

If you have free time or materials to contribute, there's always lots of work to be done.

The Sigma Project is a 501(c)(3) Portland nonprofit corporation founded to grow sustainable local produce for the disadvantaged community while creating independence through teaching the process...

Realistically, the people in our culture do not have an extra 30 minutes to spend, every morning, watering the garden. They do not have a free afternoon to pick weeds on their hands and knees...


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